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PT. MASUMA MUHALE was established in September 2007 by experienced manager who have been in the oil and gas industry since 1981 and have a huge amount of experience. We have established a strong reputation on September 2007 with Hot Tapping field service for PT. Truba Jaya Engineering – Chevron Pacific Indonesia at SLS Minas Petapahan Area and we will continue to improve our reputation in the future. Our service are focus to Oil & Gas Industry, Petrochemicals, Process Industry, Power Plant, Pipeline, Construction project. Our products, equipment and field services are designed to keep equipment system on stream and to prevent shutdowns. And from 2012 until now we started working in the field of machine maintenance service, our project is now working with PT. Dresser-Rand Indonesia "Upgrade Gas Engine Gas Plant and Gathering Station Chevron". Supported by fully experience personnel in this area we will give you the best perform result to your equipment.

  • A commitment to sustainability.
  • A commitment to innovation.
  • A commitment to doing good for the whole.

Our aim is to provide an integrated working relationship with the client, to provide comprehensive site services capability for the purpose of refurbishment, maintenance and decommissioning of all equipment and facilities, to agreed programme, budget & quality requirements.

Services What We Do

Hot Tapping

Hot tapping, or pressure tapping, is the method of making a connection to existing piping or pressure vessels without the interruption of emptying that section of pipe or vessel. This means that a pipe or tank can continue to be in operation whilst maintenance or modifications are being done to it. The process is also used to drain off pressurised casing fluids. Hot tapping is also the first procedure in line stopping, where a hole saw is used to make an opening in the pipe, so a line plugging head can be inserted.

  • Hot Tapping 10" and 16" at Indorama, Tangerang.
  • Hot Tap 3" Well Head Pertamina Cirebon.
  • Hot Tap 2" Well Tango Sepinggan Platform.

Line stopping (Stopple plugging)

Line stopping or line plugging is a means of isolating a piping system to provide a shut off where none exists. This process serves as a control, or temporary valve, that can be removed after alterations or valve replacements have been made. With a hot tap previously made on a line, a line stopper is attached to a temporary valve, and the valve is opened. The line stopper is hydraulically or mechanically pushed into the line to seal the pipe. The main is supported by the line stop sleeve. After performing the necessary service, the stop is removed, and a blind flange is installed on the sleeve. There are various types of line stopping heads.

  • Line Stop at Pertamina Hulu.
  • Hot Tapping and Line Stop 6" at Pertamina Cirebon

Man Power Supply Engineering

Our technical manpower supply grants you access to suitably trained, qualified and experienced in Mechanical ann Electrical Engineering for onshore and offshore service. With dependability and the suitability of technical manpower supply being key to your operational continuity, you need a partner you can rely on to respond to your needs and deliver a quality service.

  • Upgrade Gas Engine Clark HR-8 at Bekasap and Petani GP, Chevron Duri.
  • Upgrade Cooper Bessemer Engine at Gas Station #03 and # 05, Chevron Minas.

Man Power Supply Welding Services

Providing competent and skilled manpower for the Construction Services to be performed on the various equipment, piping and utilities

  • Upgrade Gas Engine Clark HR-8 at Bekasap and Petani GP, Chevron Duri.
  • Upgrade Cooper Bessemer Engine at Gas Station #03 and # 05, Chevron Minas.

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Office Address

Epiwalk Office Suite 529 A lt.5
Jl. HR. Rasuna Said, Karet Kuningan
Jakarta - Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 5682 703

Operational Office

Jl. Dharmabakti No. 48,
Kel. Air Jamban, Kec. Mandau,
Duri - Riau 28884
Phone: +62 765 5620034